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White Skirt, Lightning and Serpent

The artist, by replacing the image of Saint George with that of a modern girl named Irina, presented a new interpretation of traditional iconography, emphasizing feminine strength and determination in the struggle against darkness and evil. This transformation reflects a shift in cultural understanding of gender roles and supports the idea of gender equality.

Examples from folk tales of various cultures also illustrate similar changes. In Charles Perrault's "Cinderella," the main heroine demonstrates strength and independence typically associated with male heroes. In the Chinese tale of "Mulan," the main character bravely fights in the war in place of her father, highlighting her strength and loyalty. Another example is the story of Boudicca, queen of Celtic tribes, who led a rebellion against Roman conquest and became a symbol of resistance and courage.

Such examples underscore the significance of changing images and reinterpreting traditional norms, as reflected in the artist's project where the image of Irina replaces the traditional portrayal of the victorious hero, emphasizing female strength and independence. Moreover, the heroine, besides battling external enemies, also grapples with the image of inner evil, overcoming her flaws and weaknesses. This demonstrates that self-improvement is also important in modern culture and is an integral part of the process of self-awareness and personal development.

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