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Before you is a new Pantheon of idols which the modern individual can worship. We have not gone far from natural philosophy, but the existence of spirits has been greatly limited, and the phenomena of nature are now explained by the hypothesis of impersonal physical forces. This is a unique project that uses the main theory of cultural development: magic, religion and science.
I want to answer the questions: can the mythological representations of antiquity, which in the context of the culture of an industrial society are meaningless and absurd but still fulfill a certain functional role, be integrated into the corresponding vital context? Is it possible to draw a parallel between what the ancient pagans revered and what our contemporaries idolize now?
What does such a deity look like? What gender is he/she? Can the gender change depending on who is referring to the character? Would a person identify with such a spirit? What emotions does he or she need to evoke? How can you interact with them? In order for them to open to the viewer, it will be necessary to sacrifice any object that is at hand. Will people be willing to sacrifice something to bow to the new gods and ask them their questions?

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