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About love

The series of paintings titled "About Love" is an exploration of sexuality and relationships through the artistic lens of the painter. Each of the nine canvases unfolds a unique story, embodied in multilayered symbolism.

The artist confronts taboos and shame associated with depicting genitals and physical intimacy. This series goes beyond a mere exploration of sexual acts; it offers a profound insight into the diversity of love perceptions. Women and men interpret it differently, and each painting becomes a mosaic contributing to a unified narrative.

For instance, one painting portrays a woman with a man who desires to "capture" her, wrapping her in a palm leaf. The narrative represents an expression of sexual dominance, perceived by some women as an act of love. Other paintings immerse the viewer in erotic scenes, emphasizing the diversity and subjectivity of each character's perception.

The artist also delves into the theme of self-love and self-acceptance, utilizing images of women and men to express their unique traits. The emphasis is on the idea that self-love is a crucial aspect of healthy relationships, with myriad ways of manifestation. The author aspires to create more than just paintings—she is crafting a space for candid projections and self-expression.

Throughout this project, the artist undergoes a transformation, rejecting shame and judgments associated with the theme of sexuality. Each painting represents a step toward self-awareness and acceptance, navigating through layers of trauma and fears. The artist underscores that this is not merely art but a process of her own transformation and healing.

The "About Love" series is not only an artistic endeavor but also an art therapy, allowing the artist to express and understand her deep feelings and experiences in relationships. Each painting becomes a point on the map of her personal transformation and journey toward self-acceptance.

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